Penile Surgery

Penile Surgery - Foreskin and Wart Removal

Penile surgeryPenile surgery for phimosis, penile warts, pearly penile papules, and penis fracture is performed at the Urology Specialists Center in Miami Florida. Phimosis is both a normal part of physiological development early in life and a medical problem that can present itself from men in their teens and up. Phimosis is when the uncircumcised foreskin or partially circumcised foreskin cannot be pulled back to expose the tip of the penis (glans penis). Phimosis is normal in preadolescence and during adolescence the foreskin both stretches and no longer adheres to the head of the penis. Phimosis can become a problem when infection, swelling and scarring occur during or after adolescence. To stop these complications either a slit is made in the foreskin or a circumcision is performed allowing the tip of the penis to become exposed and reducing or eliminating the infection, swelling and scarring. Immediately following the penis surgery of the foreskin the tip of the penis the glans penis is highly sensitive to the touch. This high sensitivity goes away and sensitivity becomes normalized the longer it is exposed. Dr. Gheiler will help you make a determination to help with your swelling, scarring and infection that has been affecting you.

Penile surgery is also performed to remove penile warts and pearly penile papules at the Urology Specialists urologic surgery center. Pearly penile papules are small noncancerous growths that grow in rows around the penis (often the tip of the penis). Although they may be thought to be from cancer or a sexually transmitted disease they are harmless and occur in 10 to 20 percent of men. Our urology specialists will diagnose your pearly penile papules and confirm that they are benign tissue growths and remove them with a penis surgery using a CO2 laser and a topical anesthesia. In less than an hour the small rows of white or skin color pearly penile papules will be removed and the skin will be smooth.

Penile surgery to remove penile warts is also performed by Dr. Gheiler some penile warts may come from a sexually transmitted disease and the removal of the warts does not cure you from having the sexually transmitted disease (STD). Similar to the procedure to remove pearly penile papules topical anesthesia will be given and the warts will be removed with a laser or electro cauterization. Our Urology Specialists staff will treat you with discretion and sensitivity and Dr. Gheiler will help steer you on how to take care of any STD that you may have.

Penile surgery for a penis fracture is a medical emergency and should be treated immediately by a urologist or at an emergency room or emergency care center. A penis fracture occurs when the erect penis is quickly bent with great force during sex. This breaks the lining of the spongy tissue that holds the blood in the penis which keeps it erect. When this occurs a snap can be heard and it becomes very painful. This causes the penis to become flaccid and bleeding to occur inside the penis. A penis fracture can cause a crooked penis and erectile dysfunction which is why emergency care needs to be taken.

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